TI offering FRAM Experimenter’s Board + SimpleLink CC3000 WiFi module for $57

TI is offering the FRAM Experimenter’s Board + SimpleLink CC3000 WiFi Evaluation Module as a bundle for a limited time for $57. The FRAM Experimenter’s Board is The MSP-EXP430FR5739 Experimenter Board is a development platform for the MSP430FR57xx devices. It supports this new generation of MSP430 microcontroller devices with integrated Ferroelectric Random Access Memory (FRAM). […]

Using TI Chronos .NET dll with C#

The TI EZ430 Chronos watch allows for wireless transmission of button push and accelerometer events to a PC. This SourceForge project by elmariano provides a helpful example for developers of how to use the EZ430 Chronos .Net dll in conjunction with C#. It was created in Visual Studio 2010 Express, tested under 32 bit WinXP […]

TI announces sponsorship of Innovation World Cup challenge

TI has announced their participation as a sponsor in the Worldwie Innovation Cup competition: “For the fourth year in a row Texas Instruments have joined the Wearable Technologies Innovation World Cup where developers from all over the world are called to submit their innovative solutions for wearable devices. New ideas, products and prototypes can be […]

TI announces CC1200 sub-1 GHz transceiver

TI has announced the pending release of the CC1200, the newest member of their family of sub-1GHz devices. This component specs a data rate of up to 1Mbps and supports all the IEEE 802.15.4g FSK modes with hardware packet handling, as well as hardware AES security support. It purports to offer full flexibility on RF […]

TI wireless connectivity guide

With TI wireless devices being encountered from time to time in your hardware hacking it’s important to be able to recognize the types of chips and their associated capabilities. TI has a free Wireless Connectivity Guide available covering their offerings for various wireless technologies including mesh and IP networks, personal area networks, locationing, RF sub-1 […]

TIDeals: eZ430-Chronos watch again

If you missed it before, TI is offering the Chronos Watch as their current week’s deal at $38 (plus shipping.) The eZ430 deal includes the wireless enabled watch, CC1111 USB RF access point, and a CD containing software and documentation. This is the watch featured in a recent post on hacking RF devices in the […]

TI pressure sensor kit

TI is making a limited number of samples available of their Field Transmitter: Pressure Sensor Solutions kit. The kit includes: • RCV420 – Precision 4mA to 20mA Current Loop Receiver • ADS1255 – 24 Bit, 30kSPS Very Low Noise Delta-Sigma ADC • MSP430F2003TRSAT – Ultra-Low-Power 16bit MCU, Integrated 16bit Sigma Delta ADC • XTR300 – […]

ChronIC RF hacking tool for TI Chronos watch

Adam Laurie (a/k/a/ Major Malfunction) is a white hat hacker from London, UK, who has presented at a number of conferences worldwide. He’s also the Director at Aperature Labs, Ltd. His latest explorations involve the world of RF remote control systems operating in the unlicensed ISM bands. He used the FunCube dongle to monitor the […]

TI: parasitic effects and PCB design

Wedecon Electronic Design located this post on the Texas Instruments blog highlighting the problems presented in PCB design by parasitic effects caused by rapid high current transients and high frequencies. You can view the post Everything is Part of the Circuit on the TI blog. Via the contact form.

New TI CC3000 modules

video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player TI has announced the availability of their new CC3000 module. The TI CC3000 module is a self-contained wireless network processor that simplifies the implementation of Internet connectivity. The module uses TI’s SimpleLink WiFi solution which minimizes the software requirements of the host MCU. TI has posted information on the BoosterPack, […]

Free TI breakout boards

Goran provided this quick tip: “TI has some free breakout boards right now – even shipping is zero cost.” Check the TI estore for details and availability. TI says the board involved is “the DEM-OPA-SO-1A demonstration fixture helps designers evaluate the operation and performance of TI’s High Speed, Wide Bandwidth Operational Amplifiers. This unpopulated PC […]

TI SMD to DIP breakout board

Fred Nasb draws out attention to TI’s SMD to DIP adapter board. The DIP-Adapter-EVM supports these TI packages: D or U(SOIC-8), PW(TSSOP-8), DGK(MSOP-8), DBV(SOT23-6, SOT23-5 and SOT23-3), DCK(SC70-6 and SC70-5) and DRL(SOT563-6). It provides a handy way to convert SMD components for use with solderless breadboading or to be wired directly to existing circuits. You […]

7-channel relay and inductive load sink driver ICs

Uwe tipped us to Texas Instruments’ low power 7-channel relay and inductive load sink driver ICs: TI offers two rather new low power 1,8V & 3.3V & 5V 7-channel relay and inductive load sink driver ICs: – ULN2003LV (Output/Switching Voltage max. 8V – e.g. for 5V relays) – ULN2003V12 (Output/Switching Voltage max. 16V – e.g. […]

TXB0108 level converter breakout board

Have loads of 5 volt hardware you can’t use with your new 3.3 volt Stellaris Launchpad (or other hardware)? Mike solved this problem by building a level converter using two TXB0108 ICs And here is the proof that it works. I’m driving a 5V graphic LCD using the 3.3v Stellaris Launchpad. The TXB0108 level converters […]