TIDeals: eZ430-Chronos watch again

Posted on Thursday, April 18th, 2013 in MSP430, RF, sensors, tools by the machinegeek

If you missed it before, TI is offering the Chronos Watch as their current week’s deal at $38 (plus shipping.) The eZ430 deal includes the wireless enabled watch, CC1111 USB RF access point, and a CD containing software and documentation. This is the watch featured in a recent post on hacking RF devices in the ISM bands using the Chronos watch with the modded ChronIC firmware.

The watch is available in three separate models each covering one frequency range, either 433, 868 or 915 MHz.

TI is fulfilling the deals directly via DigiKey. (The watch sells for $58 on the TI eStore site.)

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14 Responses to “TIDeals: eZ430-Chronos watch again”

  1. Kev says:

    Too bad. I’m from Australia. Bloody Digikey will sting me $30-50 on postage :/

    • Bruno says:

      Too bad for the shipping charges. I’m from France, so an extra $30 just kills the deal…

      • Paresh Mathur says:

        Exactly $40 shipping in India. They should just say that this deal is for US only.

      • Rogerio Neiva says:

        Worse than that. As it is shiiped with Fedex and they declare everything to customs, I paid 85 euros, yes, 85 euros, to take it out of customs. Just for moving papers. Ah, and they made me pay VAT for the shipment.

  2. I Was lucky enough to get it the last time. was $25 then and they had free International shipping too!

  3. Matt says:

    Shipping to Croatia(Europe) 120$!


  4. Zeta says:

    I got mine last time when it was $25 (50% off ) from the TI store. Wanted a second one but $100 digikey shipping plus $50 for fedex duties kill the deal.

    What I found interesting is that TI is silently raising the prices of it boards. Lat time I checked the Chronos was $50 (or rather $49) now $58 and the MSP Launchpad was $4.30 now it is ~$9

    • hoeb says:

      Yes, I’ve noticed that too but keep in mind that the MSP Lauchpad has been upgraded somewhat with larger memory devices and this provides some degree of extra value. It is still cheap, just not unrealistically cheap any more (and so underpowered.)

      • Paresh Mathur says:

        Yeah, the whole point of the launchpad was that it was unbelievably cheap. But now its not so sexy anymore.

  5. eff zog says:

    To any one who already has one of these: can you tell me how accurate and repeatable the onboard pressure sensor is? is it useable as an altimeter watch? would be much obliged. Thanks

  6. Oliver says:

    Luckly, I have a shipping address in the US I can use (thanks dad!) but will take ages to get here.

    But I forgot last deal it was 25 USD. I thought 38 was a good deal. Well it’s still better then 60 USD and I wanted it. Guess I got punished for not getting it last time. :(

  7. Kev says:

    FYI – For anyone who is still interested, TI are selling the Chronos for $50 with free shipping. So it’s double the original price but better than the last ‘TI Deal’

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