TI announces CC1200 sub-1 GHz transceiver


TI has announced the pending release of the CC1200, the newest member of their family of sub-1GHz devices. This component specs a data rate of up to 1Mbps and supports all the IEEE 802.15.4g FSK modes with hardware packet handling, as well as hardware AES security support. It purports to offer full flexibility on RF parameters to support all legacy systems and is a future proof solution for upcoming standards based on IEEE 802.15.4g. Operating frequency ranges will include 164-192 MHz, 410-480 MHz and 820-960 MHz, and supported modulation techniques are 2-FSK, 2-GFSK, 4-FSK, 4-GFSK, MSK and OOK.

You can download the 30 page PDF datasheet and request samples of the device in 32 pin QFN package from TI. Note that while TI is accepting sample requests, they have not yet released an availability date nor a component price. They are listing a CC1200 Development Kit for $299.

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  1. How would one use this with a raspberry pi? I would connect to existing gate remote control ‘pushing’ the open button.

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