TI’s Little Professor

A teardown of TI’s Little Professor vintage calculator from KuzyaTech: This thing was sold for parts and repair since the seller did not think it was working. As it turned out, everything worked just fine, but not in an expected way. This is not your typical calculator, but rather a teaching one. More details at KuzyaTech.com.

App note: Noise analysis for high-speed op amps

An application report on op-amp noise analysis from Texas Instruments. Link here (PDF) As system bandwidths have increased, an accurate estimate of the noise contribution for each element in the signal channel has become increasingly important. Many designers are not, however, particularly comfortable with the calculations required to predict the total noise for an op […]

App note: TPS25810 Charging Port Over USB Type-C™

Allow more current from USB Type-C port, an application note from Texas Instruments utilizing TPS25810 and TPS2544 USB port manager. Link here (PDF) The TPS25810 is a USB Type-C downstream facing port (DFP) controller that monitors the USB TypeC™ configuration channel (CC) lines to determine when a USB device is attached. When the upstream facing […]

App note: bq77905 20S cell stacking configuration

Application note from Texas Instruments on their bq77905 ultralow power stackable battery protector. Link here (PDF) The bq77905 is a 3-5S Low Power Protector with easy stacking capabilities for higher than 5S cell battery packs. This document provides an example for setting up a stacking configuration with the bq77905 and exhibits detailed analysis of the […]

App note: LDC0851 quick-start guide

Texas Instrument’s differential inductive switch LDC0851 application guide. Link here (PDF) Texas Instruments introduced the LDC1000 in 2012, the industry’s first inductance to digital converter. LDC1000 revolutionized the world of proximity sensing by delivering increased reliability, high resolution, and lower total system cost. The LDC1000 was soon followed by second generation multi-channel LDC devices like […]

App note: The LM4935 headset and push-button detection guide

Another headset plug-in detection from Texas Instruments. Link here (PDF) The headset detect circuitry can differentiate between mono, stereo, mono with microphone, and stereo with microphone headsets. It can operate while the LM4935 is placed into low current standby mode, which promotes extended battery life. In standby mode, it consumes no extra current, if the […]

App note: Auto-zero amplifiers ease the design of high-precision circuits

An application note from Texas Instruments on new chopper amplifers superiority over old design chopper amps. Link here (PDF) This article shows that the auto-zero calibration technique is very different from the chopper technique and is one that, when implemented through modern process technology, allows the economical manufacturing of wideband, high-precision amplifiers with low output […]

App note: Understanding thermal dissipation and design of a heat sink

Application report from Texas Instruments on heatsink designs. Link here (PDF) Power dissipation performance must be well understood prior to integrating devices on a printed-circuit board (PCB) to ensure that any given device is operated within its defined temperature limits. When a device is running, it consumes electrical energy that is transformed into heat. Most […]

SimpleLink ultra-low power wireless MCU platform

Allie informs us of TI’s new SimpleLink ultra-low power wireless platform for Bluetooth Smart, 6LoWPAN, ZigBee, Sub-1 GHz and ZigBee RF4CE Today, TI is helping manufacturers throw out the battery for their IoT devices with its new SimpleLink ultra-low power wireless MCU platform. This new wireless MCU family brings a first to the industry, a single-chip […]

App note: 868 MHz, 915 MHz and 955 MHz inverted F antenna

868 MHz, 915 MHz and 955 MHz inverted F antenna (PDF) application note from Texas Instruments: This document describes a PCB antenna designed for operation in the 868 MHz, 915 MHz and 955 MHz ISM bands. This antenna can be used with all transceivers and transmitters from Texas Instruments, which operates in these frequency bands. Maximum […]

App note: White LED driver with digital and PWM brightness control in 2mm x 2mm QFN package

An application note from Texas Instruments, white LED driver with digital and PWM brightness control (PDF!): With a 40-V rated integrated switch FET, the TPS61160/1 is a boost converter that drives LEDs in series. The boost converter runs at 600kHz fixed switching frequency to reduce output ripple, improve conversion efficiency, and allows for the use […]

App note: Design of a low cost, 45W flasher with short circuit protection using LM2902 (Quad Op-Amp) and CSD18534

App note (PDF) on automobile flashers from Texas Instruments This Application note presents the design of a low cost, flasher circuit with short circuit protection. The design incorporates the entire recommended design feature set for two wheeler flashers and includes low/high voltage operation, half load frequency doubling, and short circuit protection.

A single-supply Op-Amp circuit collection

An application note from Texas Instruments, A single-supply Op-Amp circuit collection (PDF!): There have been many excellent collections of op-amp circuits in the past, but all of them focus exclusively on split-supply circuits. Many times, the designer who has to operate a circuit from a single supply does not know how to do the conversion. Single-supply […]

App note: Adjustable Electronic Load for Low Voltage DC Applications

Here’s an old but still good app note from Unitrode (Texas Instruments) on Adjustable Electronics Load. Testing power supply regulation over a specified output current range is greatly simplified with the use of an adjustable electronic load. Load current can be varied from zero to the full rated value with the twist of a panel […]