App note: Meeting transient specifications for electrical systems in military vehicles

Hardened circuit protection against voltage spikes and surges tackled in this app note from Vicor. Link here (PDF) Electrical systems in military vehicles are normally required to meet stringent transient requirements. Typical of these specifications is the MIL-STD-1275B. Although the specified levels of these surges and spikes are outside the capability of Vicors Maxi, Mini, […]

App note: Overcurrent event detection circuit

Sample overcurrent detection circuit from Texas Instruments. Link here (PDF) This is a unidirectional current sensing solution generally referred to as overcurrent protection (OCP) that can provide an overcurrent alert signal to shut off a system for a threshold current and re-engage the system once the output drops below a desired voltage lower than the […]

App note: Stopping reverse current flow in standard hot swap applications

Application report from Texas Instruments about a simple circuit that blocks reverse currents. Link here (PDF) The proposed circuit uses an inexpensive operational amplifier to sense the condition of the output voltage exceeding the input voltage, and subsequently disable the hot swap controller, stopping the flow of reverse current (current flow from the output (load) […]

App note: Protecting the Universal Serial Bus from over voltage and overcurrent threats

An old application note from Littelfuse about USB protection. Link here (PDF) This application note addresses the various requirements for protecting the Universal Serial Bus (USB) from overcurrent and overvoltage environmental threats. The solutions presented cover both USB 1.1 and the higher speed USB 2.0 circuitry. Specific emphasis is placed on USB 2.0 with information […]

App note: Automotive circuit protection using Littelfuse automotive TVS diodes

An interesting app note from Littelfuse about automotive circuit protection but also discusses about where transients came from in an automotive setup. Link here (PDF) The designers of automotive electronics face many technical challenges during the system design process, including designing methods of protection against a variety of electrical hazards. The three major sources of […]

App note: Combining GDTs and MOVs for surge protection of AC power lines

Another circuit protection from power surges/spikes application note from Littelfuse. Link here (PDF) AC power line disturbances are the cause of many equipment failures. The damage can be as elusive as occasional data crashes or as dramatic as the destruction of a power supply, computer terminal, or television set. Power line disturbances go by many […]

App note: Circuit protection for Lithium-Ion and lithium polymer rechargeable battery applications

Adding secondary circuit protection to ensure safety when using Lithium-Ion and Lithium polymer batteries discussed in this app note from Littelfuse. Link here (PDF) The introduction of portable devices with advanced features and the demand for longer run times and has resulted in innovations in the battery technologies used for portable applications. The latest generation […]