A single-supply Op-Amp circuit collection


An application note from Texas Instruments, A single-supply Op-Amp circuit collection (PDF!):

There have been many excellent collections of op-amp circuits in the past, but all of them focus exclusively on split-supply circuits. Many times, the designer who has to operate a circuit from a single supply does not know how to do the conversion.
Single-supply operation requires a little more care than split-supply circuits. The designer should read and understand this introductory material.

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  1. It’s disappointing though that a proper link to the document at a TI website is no longer searchable. It used to be that I can easily find a TI link to these documents via Google.
    There is one related TI doc that is a prelude to this:
    SLOA030 Single Supply Op Amp Design Techniques sloa030a
    Or if you want an all-in-one TI doc (book rather) that has plenty of single-supply opamp info:
    Op Amps for Everyone Design Reference slod006b
    Here is a good one from Microchip:
    AN682_Using Single Supply Operational Amplifiers

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