Propeller II: Emulation of the P2 on DE0-NANO & DE2-115 FPGA boards

The Propeller 2 is Parallax’s next gen release of the popular Propeller multi-core MCU. The Parallax Forum has a thread discussing emulation of the P2 on DE0-NANO & DE2-115 FPGA boards. The latest code (FPGA, pnut.exe, documents) are all in one zip with info on this post in the Parallax forum.

Masochist’s Video Card on a DE0 Nano FPGA board

Chris from PyroElectro writes: Here’s a little project I thought you guys might like….I re-built the Masochist’s Video Card using the DE0 Nano FPGA board that I won in the 7400 logic competition. The project article has all the details and VHDL source code for download. Via the contact form.