Boost converter shield for PIC programming with the Bus Pirate v4

The Bus Pirate can program a few PIC 18FxxJxx, 24F, and dsPIC33 chips directly. Older PIC 12F/16F/18F need a 13volt supply to jolt them into programming mode. Bus Pirate v3 already has a prototype high-voltage programming adapter, 100 beta units are in production now and should be available in a month or so. Tayken has […]

Week in (p)review: September 12, 2010

Here’s some highlights from the past week, in case you missed them: An EventGhost plugin for the USB IR Toy The final USB LCD backpack design was posted A PIC programming tutorial An updated Bus Pirate v4 design is in the forum for review Software is in development for the LCD backpack Discussion continues on […]

Web platform: Introduction to dsPIC33 programming

See the latest version on the documentation wiki. There are reports of web platform deliveries in the forum, so we thought this would be a good time for an introduction to dsPIC33 programming. This introduction aims to help you start writing and compiling your own applications for the web platform. We cover lots of basics […]