BridgeDuino: A wireless Arduino HUB and shield


TechBitar shared his latest project the BridgeDuino with boards from DirtyPCBs:

BridgeDuino is a Swiss army knife PCB for rapid networking of inexpensive wireless communication modules. Breadboards are super for one-off experiments. But after prototyping half a dozen wireless prototypes involving more than just two Arduinos, the wiring mistakes and associated debugging grew more time consuming.
I also wanted a PCB that can act as a shield to Arduino Uno as well as work with the inexpensive and low-power Arduino ProMini.

As of this release, BridgeDuino supports the following wireless technologies/modules:
IR Transmiter LED 940nm
IR Receive 38Khz
RF433Mhz Receiver
RF433Mhz FS1000A Transmitter
Bluetooth HC-06 & HC-05

Via the contact form.

Check out the video after the break.


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  1. This is a 4-layer board.,
    Layers 2 and 15 are not available in Eagle light.
    (Power and ground planes).

    Also no Gerbers, so a re-layout is neccesary.
    I would buy 2 if I could

    Mick M

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