Universal re-routing board for Arduino shields

Posted on Monday, December 24th, 2012 in Arduino by DP


While visiting Dimitri’s workshop in Shenzhen he showed us the MIX-UP board. It’s an Arduino shield that let’s you re-route any digital or analog signal (excluding D0 and D1 pins) to any pin on a shield. The board is populated with a bunch of DIP switches which control the routing of the pins.

MIX UP is a shield designed for Arduino™ and compatible boards (clones and derivates) that allows to reassign any analog or digital I/O (excluded the digital 0 and 1, used for UART and hardware interrupt) to any other.

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8 Responses to “Universal re-routing board for Arduino shields”

  1. Peter says:

    I had designed something like this, but that many DIP switches seemed prohibitively expensive to source?

    • It’s easy to source 8-pole DIP switches for less that $ 0.30 in Shenzhen… So there are switches for max $5 on that board.

      • Sleepwalker3 says:

        Hmm, April fools day must be coming early this year! PMSL

        Gee, I think the point I’d be making is “DO you *really* want to have that many DIP switches to figure out?” Would it just be easier to have jumper points like I saw on a Sparkfun board, or for that matter, just to make a shield that is suitably routed – by the time you set all the DIP switches, you could have laid out half the board!

        Somehow I just can’t see myself using one of these, but good luck to those that do.

        BTW “It’s a Arduino Shield…” should be “It’s *an* Arduino Shield” :)

  2. Jakub Wedrowycz says:

    Small FPGA is better to do that…

  3. Sleepwalker3 says:

    I think the idea is to go with the KISS principle, keep it as low-tech and uncomplicated as possible.
    Sparkfun sell the ‘go-between shield’ which was designed by Mayhew Labs. Looks to be essentially the same as this switch unit, but without the switches. I guess it’s up to the individual to decide which one is simpler.

  4. Dimitri Albino says:

    The “go-between shields” board from Sparkfun is cool but it requires to perform traces’ cut and soldering, is hard to reuse and it will permanently change the layout of any shield seating on top of it.

    The scope of MIX UP is to be easy to configure, without any soldering, and reusable an unlimited number of times.

    Plus, the advantage is that MIX UP leave the main stack of Arduino’s headers unchanged and, at the same time, double the space available for the shields. It also allows to change (some) pins without unplug the shields.

    I can confirm that the goal is to Keep It Simple.


  5. Filip says:

    This must have been a *itch to route…:)

  6. Greenbreath says:

    This looks like the ticket for my multimod synth push button patch/matrix routing feature. The goal is to replace the patch cables at the front end as well as have digital control over my analog signal routing through the various syntheses modules.
    I sure am considering this for my BOM.

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