Open Hardware Summit 2012: USB and Open Hardware presentation

Here is a recording of the “USB and Open Hardware: A Sketchy History” presentation Ian gave at the Open Hardware Summit 2012. The presentation covers the history and conflicts between USB and Open Hardware.

Audio feed is direct from the H1N and a lapel microphone. Shaky cam by our very own Mad Skillz.

Ian tried it out in a previous video, but since then we’ve refined and illustrated the presentation. You can download the latest files (Open Office Presenter, or PDF) from our SVN.

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  1. That was a great talk (both content and presentation). Minor gripe: left-channel only with headphones sucks.

  2. Very informative. All the vendor ID and driver issues with USB make me choose Ethernet instead for any of my projects which need high throughput.

  3. SORRY! Realized while finishing the other vid that I forgot to fill left on the sound. It happens because the microphone only records on one channel of the H1N. Will fix tomorrow.

  4. First off thank you for this talk, it’s timing could not be better for me and my own kitchen table startup. But I am curious about the $2000 number, because going to the website for Vendor IDs ( it seems like the price is either $4000/year (the yearly dues of being a member of USB-IF), or $5000.

    Did I miss something, or did they raise the prices?

      1. Wow well that sucks. Was just getting to the point where we could shell out 2 grand for one but this takes it way out of our range again. Super discouraging.

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