App note: Mechanical mounting for vibration motors to bulkheads


Vibration motor bulkheads mounting guide from Precision Microdrives. Link here

The word bulkhead has a few different meanings, in this context we are using it to represent a large flat surface or sheet. For example, a large metal chute which is carrying materials which are prone to coagulating, may require a vibration motor. This bulletin is aimed at providing different options for mounting the vibrating motor to the bulkhead.

Of course the applications which may use bulkheads are varied, and are not necessarily as large as the example above (consider for example, the internal bulkhead of a handheld product’s enclosure). So to cover as many different situations as we can, we have produced this comprehensive guide.  We have grouped different mounting techniques into the following categories:

Glue and Adhesive Methods
Fasteners and Clips
Injection Moulded Mounts

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