App note: Advanced vibration alerting waveforms

Here’s an app note from Precision Microdrives on different techniques of motor vibration that can be used as haptic feedback. Link can be found here Advanced signal waveforms are predominantly used in haptic feedback, but in fact the effects of simple vibration alerting can be greatly improved with relative ease. With vibration alerting the output […]

Ford Mustang haptic feedback shift knob using OpenXC

The Haptic Feedback Shift Knob is a replacement for a manual transmission shift knob that adds haptic and visual feedback to help drivers shift appropriately. An Android application monitors the vehicle’s speed, RPM and accelerator pedal position. Based on this information, the application calculates and then indicates to the driver when he or she should […]

Arduino-based Tacit Project assists visually impaired

The Tacit Project from Grathio Labs is developing a wrist mounted sonar assistive device for the visually impaired. The hardware includes Parallax Ping ultrasonic sensors mounted in the glove which send distance measurements to an Arduino. The Arduino then activates small hobby servos to vibrate in the glove to communicate the relative distance to objects. […]

MAX11835 haptic actuator controller with I2C interface

rsdio writes: Haptics and Capacitive Touch are hot topics about which I would like to learn more. Industry’s First Single-Chip Haptic Pattern Generator, Boost Converter, and Driver IC for High-Voltage Actuators Flexibility: designed to drive single-layer piezo actuators, multilayer piezo actuators, or electroactive polymer actuators allowing customers to choose between the various types of haptic […]