App note: PWM Margining with the MAX34451

This application note outlines the performance of PWM margining when the MAX34451 is connected to the MAX15041 evaluation (EV) kit: Pulse-width modulation (PWM) margining is a simple technique to adjust the output voltage of power supplies. This application note discusses the effect of PWM on the power-supply output-voltage noise, the enabling and disabling of PWM, […]

Another project-a-week: 3.3volt and 5volt power solution

Rwinscot is attempting a project-a-week. This week he shared his RickPAW 3.3volt/5volt power project in the forum: This breakout could be used in an automotive application where bare wires are soldered into place and the whole package wrapped in shrink tube. Or… you might want to put a barrel jack on it and use it […]


Here is the Smoke Tester. It’s a board designed to safely power prototypes for the first time and see if there are shorts. Current can be measured using a voltmeter. Here’s the full feature list. 5V and 3.3v voltage regulators 7V-15V input 3 possible input sources: USB, 2mm DC barrel jack, and screw terminals 3 […]

Texas Instruments power management reference design library

Texas instruments released the Power Management reference design library. It’s filled with schematics, design notes, gerber files, and any technical document you might need to get over 300 reference designs up and running. Texas Instruments PowerLab™ Power Management Reference Design Library contains hundreds of reference designs for any application. Each reference design contains supporting technical […]

Offline high voltage AC power supply

Dilshan designed an offline high voltage AC power supply primarily for SMPS testing. It outputs a square wave, so hooking it up to a mains-transformer based linear supplies is not a good idea, as the transformer will overheat. It’s open source hardware, so the schematics and design files are available. This is a high voltage, […]

App note: 2-wire virtual remote sensing for voltage regulators

Here is an app note from Linear Technology describing the use of virtual remote sensing of wiring voltage drops in power supply designs. Here, the LT4180 Virtual Remote Sense™ (VRS) IC alternates output current between 95% and 105% of the nominal required output current. The LT4180 forces the power supply to provide a DC current […]

WORKSHOP VIDEO #29: Favorite Bus Pirate features

Today’s video is about our favorite Bus Pirate features. Voltage measurements with the Bus Pirate ADC pin are easier than working with a separate multimeter on an analog project. We read a voltage from an MCP4725 I2C digital to analog converter in the demo using the d and D (continuous) voltage measurement commands. The up/down […]

Portable software defined transceiver: Power supply

Jason has been working on a portable software defined transceiver design for the past year. Every day this week he’ll discuss a different part of the hardware in a series of guest posts. You can chat with the designer in the forum.  Today’s post is about the power supply: It’s not as exciting (to me) […]

DC power supply monitor with GLCD display

Here is a project built to provide a DC power supply with a GLCD interface: This power supply monitor is intended to measure the voltage and current of a DC power supply, and continuously display these values on a 128X64 pixel LED backlit GLCD display. Ezflyr built it for his aircraft ground power supply, but […]

5-channel power-supply manager and intelligent fan control

rsdio tipped us to an app note on power-supply sequencers and voltage trackers: here’s something for cloudform511’s Open Source Laptop, assuming it will need a fan The MAX34441, PMBus 5-Channel Power-Supply Manager and Intelligent Fan Controller Power supply/thermal manager provides unparalleled “black box” failure logging and energy efficient fan control Provides predictable operation of up […]