ATX Bench power supply


Nick Carter blogged about his DIY bench power supply with the ATX breakout board:

There are tons of such projects out there on the internet but most involve hacking open the power supply and I didn’t think that was the way to go. I considered getting a cheap ATX adapter from Monoprice and breaking out the voltages onto a PCB but then I came across the Dangerous Prototypes ATX Breakout Board.
It was only $13.80 plus $3.80 shipping from Hong Kong (via Seeed Studio) which was reasonable and quite a time saver. I happened to have an old used project enclosure laying around in my junk pile (I have no idea where I got it from) that would fit an ATX supply so I set to work.

You can get one for $14 at Seeed Studio.

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  1. The amps are still there but in the amp connectors where you can get the full current load depending on the rail you use. You can use a proto-board to adapt and break out the voltages at the higher current levels and fuse them at your needed levels. The beauty of the ATX BB is that it is able to emulate a motherboard connection and load to keep the power supply active, the power switch is also very effective.This board is an inexpensive way to re-purpose old equipment that we all have laying around our benches.

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