HOW-TO: Open Source USB stack for PIC microcontrollers

This guide shows how to configure and customize the latest version of the JTR-Honken open source USB stack for PIC microcontrollers. The demo will run on most USB-enabled projects from Dangerous Prototypes. Be sure to check the wiki for the latest documentation and downloads. Many PIC microcontrollers have USB hardware. We use some of these […]

HID is one step closer on the open source USB stack for PIC microcontrollers

Dolabra took up the task to add support for the HID class to Hoken and JTR’s open source USB stack. Up till now it only supported the CDC class, and HID is still a long way away, but progress has been made. Yeah! a small victory. I got a set of descriptors that enumerate! The […]

Running your own GSM stack on a phone

Harald Welte and Steve Markgraf presented at 27C3 CCC in Berlin, Germany, on the OsmocomBB project, a Free Software implementation of the GSM protocol stack running on a mobile phone. This provides the security researcher a tool equivalent to an Ethernet card in the TCP/IP protocol world: a simple transceiver that will send arbitrary protocol […]