8×16 ping-pong ball LED matrix display

Exapod built a 8×16 ping-pong ball LED matrix display. The ping-pong balls are used as diffusers for green LEDs. Two MAX7219 8bit serial LED drivers control the lights. A PIC18F2553 drives the MAX chips with text received over a Bluetooth module. I finally finished my 8×16 ping pong ball matrix display, soldering all the boards, […]

Open source USB stack for PIC18F and PIC24F updated

JTR released a major updated to the open source USB stack that’s been brewing in the forum. It’s been designed to work with a generic echo demo, the Bus Pirate v4, the USB IR toy, the LCD Backpack, the Locgic Shrimp, and the Logic Sniffer. So far only the CDC class is supported, meaning only […]