App note: Improve flicker performance of direct AC driven LED fixtures with self valley fill

Application note from ON Semiconductors on LED lighting flicker caused by its own AC supply by adding an improved self valley fill circuit. Link here (PDF) To provide power to LED loads from AC input, SwitchMode Power Supplies (SMPS) are generally used since LED need to be driven by regulated current. Consequently, LED lighting solution […]

App note: Operation evaluation of ultra low ON resistance MOSFET supporting quick charge for 1 cell Lithium ion battery protection

ON semiconductor’s application note on faster charging of Lithium Ion batteries with consideration on heat suppression. Link here (PDF) Currently, because LiB (Lithium Ion Battery) is superior in current density and electromotive force, it becomes mainstream of batteries for mobiles such as smart phone. However, because LiB is weak at over-charge and over-discharge, a control […]

App note: Audible noise reduction techniques for FPS (Fairchild Power Switch) Applications

Reducing audible noise in switch mode power supplies app note from ON Semiconductors. Link here (PDF) In general, switched mode power supplies do not generate audible noise when they operate at constant ultrasonic frequencies (>20kHz). However, some switched mode power supplies can produce audible noise at certain load conditions. Most Fairchild Power Switches are designed […]

App note: Advantages of eFuses versus PTC resettable fuses

The advantage of eFuses an application note from ON Semiconductors. Link here (PDF) Overcurrent protection is a basic necessity for electrical devices. While many people are familiar with fuses and household circuit breakers, few are intimately familiar with the kinds of overcurrent protection devices that are found in electronics. Though not a comprehensive list, there […]

App note: Battery fuel gauge IC (LC709203F) for 1-Cell Lithium-ion (Li+)

Lithium-ion fuel gauge IC from ON Semiconductors. Link here (PDF) The LC709203F is an IC that measures the remaining power level of 1-cell lithium-ion (Li+) batteries used for portable equipment etc. This product reduces fuel gauge errors with a unique correction technology during measurement of battery temperature and voltage. This technology has inherently high precision […]

App note: Understanding a digital transistor datasheet

Application note from ON Semiconductors about digital transistors where two resistors are built-in the transistor package. Link here (PDF) This application note will describe the common specifications of a Digital Transistor. It will also show how to use these specifications to successfully design with a Digital Transistor.

App note: Parallel configuration of H-bridges featuring the MC33932 and MC34932 ICs

Old application note from ON Semiconductors on getting increased power capability by paralleling H-bridges and overcoming current limit imbalance between the two drivers by properly designing the board layout. Link here (PDF) Two or more H-bridges can be operated in parallel to increase the current handling capacity of the circuit. In this application note, paralleling […]

App note: Duty cycle and power optimization

Power saving specially on battery operated devices need to be kept, in this application note from ON Semiconductors discussed how to keep duty cycle in which a wireless RF device is operated at a minimum time. Link here (PDF) Consider a battery powered device (target), which should receive data from a second device (initiator) from […]

App note: Performance capability of the SO8-FL package

MOSFET SO8-FL package app note from ON Semiconductors provide same thermal performance as metal top package with heat sink attached. Link here (PDF) The SO8−FL package can deliver high power density and provides excellent thermal dissipation to create a high efficiency, cool design environment when properly cooled. Metal−top devices attempt to remove heat easier through […]

App note: PCB design guidelines that maximize the performance of TVS diodes

Correct TVS diodes location on the PCB provides optimal protection from surge, an application note from ON Semiconductors. Link here (PDF) Transient Voltage Suppressors (TVS) avalanche diodes and diode arrays can be used to protect sensitive electronic components from the surge pulses that arise from ESD and EMI. The small size, fast response time, low […]

App note: Understanding data eye diagram methodology for analyzing high speed digital signals

Application note from ON Semiconductors about the Data eye diagram methodology to represent and analyze a high speed digital signal. Link here (PDF) The eye diagram allows key parameters of the electrical quality of the signal to be quickly visualized and determined. The data eye diagram is constructed from a digital waveform by folding the […]

App note: EMC tests and PCB guidelines for automotive linear regulators

PCB design guidelines from ON Semiconductors on minimizing electromagnetic interference (EMI) on automotive linear regulators. Link is here Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) is important for the functionality and security of electronic devices. Today’s designers must deal with steadily increasing system frequencies, changing power limits, high-density layouts required by more complex systems, and the ever-present need for […]

App note: Chameleon™ technology enables low cost smart passive sensors

A self-calibrating sensor app note from ON Semiconductors. Link is here ON Semiconductor’s Smart Passive Sensors powered by a Magnus®−S integrated circuit (IC) family offers the industry’s only self-tuning capability, called Chameleon technology. Implemented in an on-chip analog signal processing circuit, Chameleon technology automatically adjusts the input impedance of the IC to optimally tune the […]

App note: The effect of pan material in an induction cooker

A good read on induction cooker and the effects of pan material used, app note(PDF) from ON Semiconductors. Induction heating is a well established method of generating heat in metal goods and has been used for decades. The induction cooking market is well established, but little has been written regarding the properties and interactions of […]

App note: EMI and ESD filtering of audio interconnects

App note(PDF) on NUF2441FC EMI and ESD filter chip from ON Semiconductor. The continued ever-increasing integration of more functions into personal electronic devices such as cell phones has made electronics manufacturers demand more integrated functions to reduce part count and save board space. Cell phone manufacturers have also driven component manufacturers to produce more efficient […]

App note: Analog switches solve many problems within a cell phone

Applications(PDF) of analog switches inside a cell phone by ON Semiconductor. Analog switches have been available since the 60’s as a component for systems designers. With the advent of ASICs and ASSPs, many designers have not experienced the real value of these devices. Today’s designers may be familiar with the venerable MC14066, a workhorse that […]

App note: Minimizing the temperature dependence of digital potentiometers (POTs)

An app note from ON Semiconductors. The digital POT has two temperature dependent parameters, the TC of the end-to-end resistance RPOT and the ratiometric TC. The temperature dependence of the parameters of an analog circuit using a digital POT is reduced if the performance of the circuit is shifted from the TC of the end-to-end […]

App note: An introduction to LDO early warning function

Supervisory reset delay prevents premature power fail resets, App note from ON Semiconductor. In today’s world of high speed, high power processors, new demands have been placed on the power source regulator. One example is the need to inform the processor in advance of an impending drop in supply voltage below a critical value. A […]