Diamond package from NXP, the world’s smallest logic package

Drone refers us to this short video from NXP on very small pitch parts (0.35mm) and the challenges in mounting them. NXP debuts their new Diamond package which they report is over 25 percent smaller than their XSON package (suffix GN), previously the world’s smallest package. The video point out that this design retains the […]

NXP announces LPC800-MAX dev board

NXP has announced the LPC800-MAX – an mbed/Arduino development board based on the LPC812 – which will be released in April 2013. NXP is working with key partners to develop LPC800-MAX, a development board which combines mbed, LPCXpresso and Arduino connectivity, allowing users to choose and work with their favorite elements from each environment. The […]

NXP RF component manual

NXP has released the 16th edition of their RF component manual. It covers the full line of NXP RF offerings including their core technologies QUBiC4 and LDMOS, GPS LNAs, medium power amplifiers, IF gain blocks, satellite LNB ICs and CATV modules, amplifiers (low noise, variable gain, medium power and high power Doherty amplifiers), mixers, IQ […]

App note: Full-duplex software UART for LPC111x and LPC13xx

Here is an app note with source code describing how to implement a full-duplex software UART interface on LPC111x and LPC13xx microcontrollers. However, some applications require more UARTs than are available on the device. While the addition of an external stand-alone UART IC could be used in some of these situations, software based UARTs result […]

App note: PCB layout for analog to digital converters

NXP provides some PCB layout design guidelines for the ADC modules in their LPC1100 and LPC1300 microcontrollers. These ADC modules, like many microcontrollers, use the power supply voltage as a reference so special care has to be taken to eliminate noise: The microcontrollers in the LPC1100 and LPC1300 families are all equipped with a single […]