App note: Full-duplex software UART for LPC111x and LPC13xx

Here is an app note with source code describing how to implement a full-duplex software UART interface on LPC111x and LPC13xx microcontrollers. However, some applications require more UARTs than are available on the device. While the addition of an external stand-alone UART IC could be used in some of these situations, software based UARTs result […]

App note: PCB layout for analog to digital converters

NXP provides some PCB layout design guidelines for the ADC modules in their LPC1100 and LPC1300 microcontrollers. These ADC modules, like many microcontrollers, use the power supply voltage as a reference so special care has to be taken to eliminate noise: The microcontrollers in the LPC1100 and LPC1300 families are all equipped with a single […]