Surface mount package cheat sheets

NXP released these posters with images of all the SMD packages they use. It could be an easy way for you to quickly see how an unfamiliar package looks.

Clicking on the package in the PDF document to bring up a page with mechanical design files. There are two posters – one for more common packages with leads, and another with lead-less packages.

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  1. Someone who is not afraid of Trial Lawyers should hack these posters and put big red X’s over the parts that are next to impossible to prototype with. The header should also be hacked to say “X = Can’t Prototype That”… That may send a message to the chip manufacturers.

    1. @Drone Almost all packages can be used in prototypes except of high pin BGAs. Its not their fault that most users are afraid to use anything newer than a DIP18 like we’re in the goddamn 80s. Its also not their fault that most can’t make a PCB at home to use with their prototypes and still use stupid perfboards. (btw if you still insist using perf boards, look up “dead bug prototyping”. This way you can use many of those packages when prototyping with perfboards).

      1. @A, Naw, many of the QFN-like parts look like they have exposed pads on the edge, but more and more of them actually have exposed metal, but it doesn’t wrap around the whole edge of the part. So it’s not just the BGA’s that cause problems. Then there’s the issue of having to solder central pads on many parts to manage heat etc.

        BTW, I was doing dead-bug construction long before there was even SMT devices (and a good chance before you were even born). Dead-bug and Manhattan style construction even today is one of the best methods of quality small signal, high-speed and RF prototyping, with our without SMT parts included in the mix. Just look at some of the the work done by the late Jim Williams.

  2. @Drone QFNs and low pin BGAs are hard to prototype with only when you use a perfboard, which you shouldn’t unless your doing some quick and dirty prototyping job. Both are easily solderable with a hot air gun (50$ on ebay) and the correct nozzle (a set of 3-4 different ones are enough to (de)solder most packages. I have no idea why people are afraid of those packages. Yes a through hole is easier to solder but there are many high pin devices out there that would be huge in a through hole package. Even those 40PIN ics are humongous and 40pins aren’t even that much for a modern uC.

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