Another Bus Pirate reference sheet

mofosyne shared this Bus Pirate reference sheet [PDF!] he made in the forum: Being new to bus pirate, I created my own printable stickers to cut and stick labels to the case and probes. I also took the time to compile an A4 Bus Pirate v3.b reference sheet from various sources, that would be useful to somebody […]

Bus Pirate reference card

jrychter shared this Bus Pirate reference card he made in the forum: The Bus Pirate from Dangerous Prototypes is a really useful tool. I use it regularly to bring up and test new I2C devices, or as a cheap protocol analyzer for I2C and SPI. Unfortunately, the supplied cables aren’t clearly labeled (only color-coded), and I found the […]

App note: Building a stable DAC external reference circuit

Having a stable external reference is important in digital-to-analog converter design and this app note helps. For a DAC to function properly it must have a stable reference to create a precise output signal. Unfortunately because it is a simple concept, proper reference design is usually overlooked. In this app note from TI a simple force and […]