mbedR3uino: mbed adapter for Arduino shields

Dave VW shared his project mbedR3uino in the forum: The mbedR3uino is a vertical shield adapter for the mbed prototyping platform. It provides compatibility with standard Arduino shields including the pins added to Arduino Uno R3 to make shields more independent between main boards. SPI, UART, I2C, Analog, Digital, and PWM pins are wired to appropriate […]

mbed’s BSD B.S.?

A couple days ago mbed, the ARM platform with a silly online compiler, announced that it’s register abstraction layer would be released under an open source BSD license. Readers raised the point that this is only partly true. We hate it when open source is used as a publicity ploy with only partial code releases, […]

NXP announces LPC800-MAX dev board

NXP has announced the LPC800-MAX – an mbed/Arduino development board based on the LPC812 – which will be released in April 2013. NXP is working with key partners to develop LPC800-MAX, a development board which combines mbed, LPCXpresso and Arduino connectivity, allowing users to choose and work with their favorite elements from each environment. The […]

mbed base station

frank26080115 shared his own open source mbed base station design in the project log forum: Does anybody here use the mbed? I got one recently and it’s really great for trying out ARM. The DRM on it is pretty bad though, and the online compiler isn’t the greatest. However you can till build binaries using […]