App note: PN7150 hardware design guide

A hardware design guide using NXP’s PN7150 full featured NFC controller. Link here (PDF) This document is intended to provide an overview on how to integrate the NFC Controller PN7150 from hardware perspective. It presents the different hardware design options offered by the IC and provides guidelines on how to select the most appropriate ones […]

App note: Tire pressure monitor system

NXP Semiconductor’s implementation of Tire pressure monitor (TPM) system. Link here (PDF) The Tire Pressure Monitoring System Reference Design consists of five modules: four tire modules and a receiver module. The tire modules consist of the MPXY80xx, the RF2, a battery, several discrete components, and a printed antenna. The receiver module has the MC33954, the […]

App note: Crystal oscillator troubleshooting guide

App note from NXP Semiconductors dealing with oscillators in microcontrollers. Link here (PDF) Most microcontrollers can use a crystal oscillator as their clock source. Other options include external canned oscillators, resonators, RC oscillators, and internal clocks. The main advantages of a crystal oscillator are frequency accuracy, stability, and low power consumption. However, high reliability is […]

App note: Active cell balancing in battery packs

Cell balancing implementation from NXP Semiconductors. Link here (PDF) Batteries made of multiple cells connected in series are often used as a power source for common electronic devices. In multicell battery chains, small differences between the cells (due to production tolerances or operating conditions) tend to be magnified with each charge or discharge cycle. In […]

App note: How to measure the power consumption of a peripheral

Application note from NXP Semiconductors on MCU peripheral power consumption measurement. Link here (PDF) This Application Note outlines the steps to measure the power consumption of a peripheral and figure out some key points in the measurement. The document takes low-power timer (LPTMR) and LPUART as examples to introduce the method to measure the power […]

App note: TEA1938T GreenChip SMPS control IC

TEA1938T SMPS control IC application note from NXP Semiconductors. Link here (PDF) The TEA1938T is a high-featured low-cost DCM and QR mode flyback converter controller. It provides high efficiency at all power levels and very low no-load power consumption at nominal output voltage in burst mode operation. To minimize ripple, the burst mode uses a […]