App note: Low-Power Real-Time algorithm for metering applications

Tested algorithm library from NXP Semiconductors on power metering. Link here (PDF) High accuracy metering is an essential feature of an electronic power meter application because inaccurate metering can result in substantial amounts of lost revenue. Moreover, inaccurate metering can also undesirably result in overcharging to customers. The common sources of metering inaccuracies, or error […]

App note: Measuring mains power consumption with the STM32x and STPM01

Power consumption measurement using an STM32 micro and the STPM01 power metering IC. App note can be found here This document describes a software and hardware solution concerning the STM32x microcontroller and the STPM01 power meter for measuring mains power consumption and also provides hardware and firmware guidelines to interface the STPM01 with the STM32x […]