App note: Smart battery charger by LPC845 with SMBus interface

Battery charger using NXP’s LPC845 through SMBus communication. Link here (PDF) Batteries are used everywhere, such as smart phones, notebook computers, wearable devices, handheld electronic products, smart small appliances, etc. Users always want to know the battery temperature, voltage, current, capacity, how long it can be fully charged, and how long the battery will be […]

App note: SMBus communication for small form factor device families

SMBus specifications and example implementation on Silabs’ C8051F3xx and C8051F41x. App note here(PDF) This   application   note   describes   the   SMBus specification,  how  to  configure  and  use  the  on-chip SMBus  interface,  and  SMBus  debugging  techniques. Code  examples  written  in  C  provide  the  general framework  for  most  SM Bus  Master  and  Slave implementations. An example that interfaces to […]

App note: SMBus-programmable battery chargers

rsdio writes:  SMBus is similar to I2C, and should therefore be easily connected to most PIC or AVR projects. Highly integrated, 850kHz/500kHz SMBus-programmable battery chargers: MAX17435/MAX17535, highly integrated SMBus™ battery chargers capable of operating at 850kHz and 500kHz, respectively. Unlike competitive solutions, MAX17435/MAX17436 allow the charge setting to be programmed via the SMBus interface, eliminating […]