App note: Output capacitive load considerations


App note(PDF) from Murata on output capacitors loading when in a switch mode power supply

There are numerous factors to consider when adding external capacitors to switched-mode power supplies (SMPS). This article will discuss noise, startup, ESR, stability, pre-bias applications, Sense inputs, On/Off (remote enable) controls and other topics.

Many real-world DC/DC applications require external bypass “bulk” capacitors as part of the output load. These capacitors supply extra current during a step load change. Lower DC voltages used in newer logic devices mean that the voltage margin difference between logic ZERO and logic ONE is reduced to hundreds or even tens of millivolts. Thus, since even modest power supply noise can cause data errors by exceeding this threshold, these bypass caps are necessary to reduce this DC/DC noise.

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  1. I have to put a serious thank you to the dangerousprototypes crew for continuously posting these great application notes from various companies. They are always a huge help to read and have done nothing but deepen my appreciation for designing quality hardware. Keep ‘Em Coming!!!

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