Rapid development board for PIC12F series microcontrollers

Here’s Embedded Lab’s new development board for PIC12F series microcontrollers: The 12F series of PIC microcontrollers are handy little 8-pin devices designed for small embedded applications that do not require too many I/O resources, and where small size is advantageous. These applications include a wide range of everyday products such as hair dryers, electric toothbrushes, rice […]

Micro Python: Python for microcontrollers

Torsten came across an interesting project on Kickstarter called Micro Python by Damien George.  He writes: It has some very nice new design ideas as well as a totally new way of dealing with uC. I often do prototyping of a certain algorithm in python because it is very easy to debug and test. After that, I go an implement it in […]

App note: Low-power design guide

An application note from Microchip:  Lowering power consumption on PIC microcontrollers Low-power applications represent a significant portion of the future market for embedded systems. Every year, more designers are required to make designs portable, wireless and energy efficient. This document seeks to simplify the transition to low-power applications by providing a single location for the […]

Espruino JavaScript interpreter for low power ARM Microcontrollers

Gordon writes in about Espruino, a JavaScript interpreter for Microcontrollers: Espruino is a JavaScript Interpreter for low power ARM Microcontrollers (MCUs) All you need is a serial terminal, and you can program interactively with high level language features like Maps, Objects, and Garbage Collection. Espruino is currently available for OLIMEXINO-STM32, LeafLabs Maple, Many ‘HY’ branded 2.4/2.8/3.2″ LCD […]

Atmel AVR042: AVR hardware design considerations

This app note discusses common problems encountered when starting designs involving AVR  microcontrollers: This application note has been written to provide answers to some of the questions and problems faced when starting designs involving Atmel®AVR® microcontrollers. The application note treats topics that are known to cause problems. The scope is to provide an introduction to […]

Cornell online courses: Designing with Microcontrollers and FPGAs

Bruce Land writes: I teach two courses at Cornell University in Electrical and computer engineering. Recently I have uploaded a full set of lectures for each course to YouTubeEDU. The lectures have comments which link to lab exercises and other supporting Materials. There is a general YouTube channel for these courses. Here are the links […]

TI debuts Stellaris LM4F120 LaunchPad for $4.99 USD

Texas Instrument just released the Stellaris LaunchPad for sale for less then $5. It’s a LaunchPad series development board based around the Cortex M4 Stellaris family of digital signal processors. The Stellaris LaunchPad is the latest addition to the Texas Instruments LaunchPad ecosystem, an innovative portfolio of low-price evaluation kits and expansion boards that lets […]

Library supports all PIC hardware peripherals, ported to the Web Platform

The Web Platform is now supported by the PIC24 library collection of examples and functions for working with PIC24 hardware peripherals. It features a getting started guide, a library with lots of useful functions, and a simple event driven operating system. The PIC24 support library supports all the major subsystems of the PIC24: clock configuration, […]

NXP Cortex-M0 microcontrollers in TSSOP and SO packages

NXP Semiconductors announced a new 32bit Cortex M0 microcontroller in low-pin-count packages. SOIC, TSSOP, and DIP versions are currently available for their LPC111x devices. With Microchip also planing to release their PIC32 devices in similar packages, hobbyists will now have a choice of 32bit uCs in DIY friendly packages. Via the forum.

App note: Implementing PID on PIC18 microcontrollers

PID is implemented when a precise way is needed to drive an external device that provides feedback. Heaters with temperature sensors, and servo motors are examples where PID is used. This app note by Microchip gives instructions how to implement PID control in PIC18 projects. Basic terms are explained inside the document as well as […]

Microcontroller quick start schematics release package v1

Over the last few weeks we did a massive cleanup and reorganization of our SVN code repository. Most projects now follow a standard directory structure. All our in-progress and stalled project files are now completely open and available to anyone. We also included all the manufacturing resources used to initiate production at Seeed, and the […]

MAXQ1004 1-Wire and SPI Authentication Microcontroller

rsdio tipped us to some interesting parts and application notes: MAXQ1004  a 1-Wire and SPI Authentication Microcontroller. Secure Your Application and Save Your Battery with an Authentication Micro That Consumes Only 300nA in Stop Mode Protects your investment with government-grade AES encryption Easily add authentication to your application using one of several interfaces (1-Wire, SPI™, […]