NXP Cortex-M0 microcontrollers in TSSOP and SO packages

NXP Semiconductors announced a new 32bit Cortex M0 microcontroller in low-pin-count packages. SOIC, TSSOP, and DIP versions are currently available for their LPC111x devices. With Microchip also planing to release their PIC32 devices in similar packages, hobbyists will now have a choice of 32bit uCs in DIY friendly packages.

Via the forum.

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      1. My bad, I mistook that the fact that BGA package was highlighted as a feature to mean that they only come in this package.

        Thanks for the correction. I serious decision to be made as to which way I go with 32-bits and USB.

  1. What happened to Microchips patent infringement suit against Luminary’s 28pin 32bit chips? I can’t find the specifics, but AFAIK Microchip was allowed a patent or 3 for 28 pin 32bit processors – that’s the US Patent office for you.

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