App Note: Designing a simple isolated flyback DC to DC converter

Posted on Sunday, January 27th, 2013 in app notes by DP

Here’s’ a video tutorial from Linear Technology describing how to design a simple flyback DC/DC converter. The video promotes the use of LT’s LT3573 IC, but it also provides information that could be applied to other designs as well.

Isolated power supplies are needed in a wide variety of applications. Galvanic isolation is achieved by isolating two or more circuits using a transformer or optocoupler, and is desirable for many reasons: safety, noise immunity, circuit protection, etc. Traditionally, isolated power supplies use an optocoupler to transfer regulation information across the isolation barrier.

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5 Responses to “App Note: Designing a simple isolated flyback DC to DC converter”

  1. Rubu says:

    Think you forgot to add the link, here it is for anyone looking. Lovin all the DC/DC stuff, btw.

  2. Romek says:

    thank you

  3. Filip says:

    Sorry about that, we’ve been having issues with WordPress…

  4. Alan says:

    When it comes to push/pull, I like the LT3439:
    Runs at up to 250KHz, so you can use smaller toroids.
    I’m using one to design an isolated +/- 5V car supply, suitable for an iPod and a CMoy amp running in a car. See notes on conflicting virtual grounds at:

    Still figuring out smallest toroid, least windings & appropriate wire guage.

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