App Note: Linear Databook and the two-volume Linear Applications Handbook


Drone tipped us to scanned versions of the Linear Databook, and Linear Applications Handbook (vol.1 and vol.2) available online. These are collections of many app notes produced over the years by Linear Technology.

Freely view/download the venerable set of Linear Technology Corporation’s Linear Databook and two-volume Linear Applications Handbook. Free to view online or download in various formats; including handheld device-friendly formats.

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  1. Thank you for posting the link DP… Also keep-in mind many if not most of the circuits presented in the Linear Applications Handbooks can be simulated in LTSpice, which may be freely downloaded from the Linear Technology Web site. There is also a very active LTSpice Yahoo Group if you need help.

  2. Thanks Drone. Ah the days of databooks :)

    I still have my National Semi databook that is about 3.5″ thick! And the Fairchild 74 databooks see regular use.

    1. Nat semi used some wicked cheap acid pulp paper in the data books I have from 1978-82. Mine have gone powdery putrid yellow. I don’t have many left from those days, 10 years ago I made a big move and tossed most like zilog. Who uses zilog chips from the early eighties anymore? But I kept the national app books and motorola discretes and some others.

      1. Yeah the paper was crappy and mine (82 I think) is falling to bits, you do have to be really gentle with the pages. The Fairchild ones are in better shape, though you still have to be careful. I’ve still got some Z80 gear around the place, though it hasn’t been used for years. The intel stuff though I use daily.

  3. I still have the “monolithic memories” Systems Design Handbook and the AMD Memory products 1988 that I used to use for finding old memory device replacements, and of course the full set of NS Linear handbooks

  4. How it’s changed these days, now it’s jump on the net and grab your PDF. I have a Monolithic Memories “PAL Programmable Array Logic Handbook” which I think is the 1981 edition. After the 2nd edition they no longer included the algorithms to program the devices. The great majority of modern device programmers don’t handle PAL of course, though some will do PAL-CE and GAL. The same goes with the old Bipolar ‘fuse type’ memory – One Time Programmable. These days they’re spoilt with all the Flash, EEPROM and all the rest.

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