Proverbial LED blink program for chipKit DP32

Ras B blogged about his chipKIT DP 32  he won in our last week chipKIt  giveaway: Ok I just could not resist, and had to post the Proverbial Led blink Program adapted for the DP32, that has 4 LED’s on the board ( Digital Pins 11 to 14). Will scroll them from right to left, speed varying on the […]

Light up logic symbols – Or RS-FlipFlops the weird way

NsN writes: At the OHM 2013 Festival, I got inspired to make some logic gates that work with light. The basic idea is to have a simple and cheap gadget, that can become an AND/OR/XOR… gate. You could then connect multiple of these gates via fiber optics to make more complex circuits. Via the forum.

Arduino-controlled RGB LED infinity mirror

Ben Finio wrote this Instructable detailing his RGB LED Infinity Mirror: It’s an RGB LED infinity mirror that lets you toggle between an adjustable-speed color-fade mode and a direct-control mode where you individually set the red, green, and blue LED brightness levels. The primary inspiration for this particular project comes from this infinity mirror Instructable and Adafruit’s […]

App note: digital constant current power LED driver

Here is an app note from Microchip describing how a PIC12HV615 MCU can be used to implement a digital current control loop for power LEDs: This document describes a power LED driver solution using the PIC12HV615 microcontroller (MCU). The PIC12HV615 is an 8-pin MCU with many integrated analog features. The LED driver circuit is a […]

Wearable LED heart simulator pendant

Here’s a cool heart simulation project by Addie over on @tymkrs: This wearable LED heart simulator pendant was inspired by my work as a cardiovascular surgical nurse as well as my love of electronics.  It simulates the electrical activity of 17 different rhythms and when paired with the heart backplane, it becomes an audio and […]

The MAX7219 LED display controller – real or fake?

John Boxall over at Tronixstuff has a detailed review of the differences between the real MAX7219 and the others: A few people have been asking me of late, and there’s only one way to find out … so over the last month I ordered eight random “MAX7219s” from different suppliers on ebay and will compare them […]

Cheap frequency counter based on MSP430

SUF posted a cheap frequency counter based on MSP430 in the project log forum. Here is the properties of the project: – Cheap: The component total should be below $5 – Using TI’s MSP430 line of MCUs what I’m learning now – Able to measure till 10MHz – Using LED display – Able to calibrate – […]

Tutorial – Arduino and MC14489 LED display driver

John Boxall over at Tronixstuff has a series of Arduino tutorials.  This chapter fifty-one of a series will show you how to use MC14489 LED display driver ICs with Arduino: Recently we’ve been looking at alternatives to the MAX7219 LED display driver IC due to pricing and availability issues (stay tuned for that one) – and […]

Inside Minimatrix

In this video Nick Johnson demonstrates his tiny Minimatrix project and wrote a detailed explanation describing the build: While minimatrix is in principle a pretty simple device, there’s a surprising amount of detail that goes into getting it right – and some interesting lessons to be learned in designing and programming it. I thought I’d […]

XBOX 360 controller rumble light effect mod

Viktor added cool light effect to a translucent XBOX360 wireless controller: I didn’t want to use an arrangement where the lights would be on for an extended period of time, because that would lead to very short battery life in the controller. I also wanted this mod to be very easy to make, without microcontrollers or other […]

New version of MAX7219 based 4-digit serial seven segment LED display

Embedded Lab’s new version of MAX7219 based 4-digit serial seven segment LED display: This (SPI7SEGDISP4.40-1R) is a revised version of the previous SPI seven segment LED display (4 digit) board that displayed numerals and decimal points. The new version has a better quality seven segment LED display (LTC-4727JS) with three extra LED segments, as shown […]

RickPAW RGB encoder with an LED ring

Rwinscot posted about his RickPAW RGB encoder w/ LED ring project. It’s a encoder breakout board, with a ring of LEDs designed to display the current position of the encoder. The LED’s and encoder are controlled via a microcontroller which can be interfaced with, through a serial port. Going to try a mix-and-twist on the […]