Chemically etched stainless steel stencils from ITead

ITead started offering chemically etched stainless steel stencils. They’re usually used for easy solder paste placement on SMD boards.

They recommend their stencils for SMD components with a pin spacing greater than 0.5mm, and passive components in 0603 packages and above. Stencils are 0.1-0.2mm thick, and are supplied with supporting frames. Available frame sizes range from 30cmX40cm to 50cmX150cm.

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  1. This is good and make me think… I’m wondering what it would take to be able to build bga components such as larger fpgas as a hobbyist? I mean without clever but unreliable hacks such as heating boards on a cooker, or a cheap hack to a toaster oven… I mean using very low end *proper* equipment. Is there anything that’s within reach of a hobbyist who isn’t going to spend many thousand (£, $, €) but who does have a significant budget?

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