Quirks of PCB manufacturing at ITead

Posted on Friday, March 18th, 2011 in PCBs by Ian

Flemming has a list of tips for PCB manufacturing at ITead. Seeed Studio uses the same PCB shop, so these tips apply to their Fusion board service too.

I do all my PCB production at ITead Studio the price is low and their published specs are nice, but there are some quirks that you need to be aware of to get good product.

Thanks Flemming! Via the contact form.

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9 Responses to “Quirks of PCB manufacturing at ITead”

  1. Rubi says:

    There is also a video about pcb problems from this manufacturer at eevblog:

  2. Sjaak says:

    Ouch!! that is way off :(

  3. Yes, it’s 0.2 mm off center, but this is the worst via on the worst board I could find, so it really doesn’t get any worse than this.

    Yes, it sucks a bit to not be able to go down to 600 um pads for the vias, but at that price I’ll live with the slightly larger (800 um) vias.

  4. Gridstop says:

    I had it where the drills looked perfectly centered on the pads on the copper side, but appeared quite a bit off on the component side, ie the component side layers (copper, mask, and stop) were all shifted together. It still worked fine as I had made the vias fairly large, but it looked goofy as hell.

    I’ll note though, that they threw in 12 boards (since my design was much smaller than 10cm x 10cm) and only one was affected. So seeed still gets a huge thumbs up from me.

  5. Yes, that’s usually the way it is for me as well, one side will look ok and the other will be off, so maybe they are simply bad at aligning the copper layers and the holes get aligned with whatever side happens to be visible when they drill.

  6. Gridstop says:

    So I hate to say it, but what justifies the $12/set markup on the PCB service through seeed? I love the guys but if they’re just passing the files along to itead maybe I should just order from them next time.

  7. I think ITead and Seeed both use the same PCB fab, which is most likely a prototyping service at some huge factory that only services the Chinese market.

    … but the PCBs though Seeed are still cheap, even at $12 more.

  8. Gridstop says:

    Got it. Well I’ve had really good luck with seeed so for my next project which I have to finish before the end of the school year I’m sure I’ll stick with them, but I’ll probably try out ITead sometime for something less critical.

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