Global Geek Tour India: protoCentral shop tour

protoCentral is another open source hardware design studio we visited in Bangalore. They started out doing work for India’s military, building sensors and wireless gear. After using open hardware for some years himself, Ashwin decided to start distributing open hardware from SparkFun, Seeed Studio, and Arduino a few months ago. They are just now branching […]

Global Geek Tour India: Tenet Technetronics tour

In Bangalore we had a chance to visit Tenet Technetronics, an open source hardware designer and distributor. Cool thing about their office is that it’s entirely built by the development team. They designed and fabricated all the furniture and installations in their office. Tenent Technetroncis is selling open hardware like crazy, next year they hope […]

WORKSHOP VIDEO: Mumbai’s Manish and Lamington Road markets

Sorry: the post went live before we finished the video…Should be working in a second. Originally we weren’t going to tour Mumbai, but some scheduling issues left us there for an extra day. This gave us this amazing opportunity to visit Manish and Lamington Road electronics markets in Mumbai. Manish market has replacement parts for […]

GLOBAL GEEK TOUR: OS presentation in Bangalore, India

Giving a talk on open source hardware to a really generous audience at the Center for Internet and Society in Bangalore. Watch for live updates of our Global Geek Tour of India on twitter. If you hate the social media craze wait for it to pop on the blog.

Mumbai’s Manish Market on our Global Geek Tour of India

Here are the first images from our Global Geek Tour of India. This batch of images was taken at the Manish market in Mumbai. We are twitting the pictures as we take them, so tune in to our twitter account, or wait till we post them on the blog. Check out lots of pictures below […]