GLOBAL GEEK TOUR: rhydoLABZ in Kochi, India

Posted on Tuesday, October 30th, 2012 in Global Geek by DP

Visiting rhydoLABZ in Kochi for our final geek tour stop in India. Many say rhydoLABZ is the Sparkfun of India.

rhydoLABZ tour group. Thushar and wife, Aaron from oomlaut, and own

More pics below the fold.

Some of rhydoLABZ home brew development and breakout boards

rhydoLABZ AVR development board with tons of extras. Made for students but good for anyone

rhydoLABZ pick and place machine. Same as Seeed’s

Pick and place in action

Inside the pick and place

Reflow oven at rhydoLABZ. Up to 40 temperature points can be set

Through hole assembly at rhydoLABZ

Through hole assembly and inspection

Ian tries his hand at solder paste application

photo studio at rhydoLABZ

reel library

Mouser catalog spotted at rhydoLABZ. They use us, Indian, and Chinese sourced parts

Interviewing Thushar at rhydoLABZ

programming and tutorial team at rhydoLABZ

Thushar and wife of rhydolabz, Aaron from oomlaut, and Ian at rhydoLABZ office.  Huge thanks to rhydoLABZ for an amazing day!

A warm welcome to rhydoLABZ office in Kochi.  An amazing greeting!

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2 Responses to “GLOBAL GEEK TOUR: rhydoLABZ in Kochi, India”

  1. torwag says:

    Hey Ian,

    I really love your tours (a bit jealous too). However, this time it looks your camera equipment was not really up for the job?!
    How about a mirror-less bridge or DSLR camera next time ;)

    • Ian says:

      Maybe you need to join us and make that happen! :) Will in in Tokyo first week of December after 2 weeks in Shenzhen :)

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