WORKSHOP VIDEO: Mumbai’s Manish and Lamington Road markets

Sorry: the post went live before we finished the video…Should be working in a second.

Originally we weren’t going to tour Mumbai, but some scheduling issues left us there for an extra day. This gave us this amazing opportunity to visit Manish and Lamington Road electronics markets in Mumbai.

Manish market has replacement parts for consumer products like phones, tablets, laptops, etc… Since these products are produced in massive quantities the replacement parts are dirt cheap. It makes sense to design your project around as many of these parts as you can. For locals sourcing these parts is much faster than ordering from larger electronics distributors like Mouser or Digikey. Some stands do tiny services like duplicate and dump SD cards.

Lamington Road is an electronics parts bonanza. LEDs, solar panels, connectors, surface mount, and through hole parts are all sold in the area. Some shop that specialize in selling scavenged electro-mechanical parts like stepper motors.

A huge thanks to Murli, Anool, and Yagnesh for leading the tour.

Next week we head south to Bangalore. We meet up with 20 geeks and tour factories, markets, and open hardware shops in a cartoon mystery solving bus.

Hey, we tried creative commons music this time. It’s something new, sorry if it didn’t work. Here’s the sources:

Maps taken from OpenStreetMap project, using MapQuest open layers.

Next week we’ll have a full writeup and pictorial from Mumbai with better pictures than the live tweets.

Fails list:

  • Volume in some locations
  • Murli’s label was on a disabled layer
  • 20 second random shot appeared over Anool’s discussion

Sorry for the fails. They’ll be tweaked in a possible future version.

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  1. “sorry for the fails” What fails? I didn’t notice them, this video was your best walk around ever! good flow ,good content, minimum karate chop, much enjoy. When I saw the first still picture of a “bus full of pirates” some posts back I thought those guys look glum – pirates are never glum!, they are pirates! But I see you are not having a bad time at all.

    Obligatory Mark Twain quote: Now and then we hoped if we lived and were good, God would permit us to be pirates.

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