Global Geek Tour India: protoCentral shop tour

Posted on Monday, November 12th, 2012 in Global Geek by DP

protoCentral is another open source hardware design studio we visited in Bangalore. They started out doing work for India’s military, building sensors and wireless gear. After using open hardware for some years himself, Ashwin decided to start distributing open hardware from SparkFun, Seeed Studio, and Arduino a few months ago. They are just now branching out into their own products.

Their primary aim is to create new hardware such as open source tools for students and engineers. They find that the current hardware is too expensive. and out of reach of students. They’d like to create an open source chemical sensor within the price range students.

They are currently developing their first in house product, an Arduino designed for robotics. It has an integrated Bluetooth module and a motor driver along side the standard Arduino stuff. This way you won’t need two additional shields for your project.

Since they are just now starting to do their own hardware, they’re outsourcing assembly. PCBs and soldering paste stencils are sent to Cerebra Tech, an assembly company that we visited later in the day.

We found a 3D printer at protoCentral that they’d built themselves.

Aaron from the Oomlout team in the UK is working with protoCentral to develop a licensed version of Oomlout’s Arduino starter kit.

A huge thanks to protoCentral for showing us around, and organizing our tour of Cerebra Tech later in the day.

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