Global Geek Tour India: Tenet Technetronics tour

Posted on Monday, November 12th, 2012 in Global Geek by DP

In Bangalore we had a chance to visit Tenet Technetronics, an open source hardware designer and distributor. Cool thing about their office is that it’s entirely built by the development team. They designed and fabricated all the furniture and installations in their office.

Tenent Technetroncis is selling open hardware like crazy, next year they hope to sell 35,000 boards. They distribute most big open hardware brands like Beagle Board, Arduino, and Raspberry Pie throughout India. As they celebrate their fifth anniversary, they look forward to opening offices around India and in the United States.

Work continues day, night, and weekends in the common office space. Tenent has hardware, firmware, software, and mechanical engineers turning out new designs.

Like many distributors we talked to, import duties imposed on hardware are strong incentive to manufacture boards locally. They currently sell in-house versions of locally manufactured open hardware projects like Arduino and IOIO.

They demoed a quad-copter intended for areal photography. It was stable enough to fly in a crowded office, or maybe those were just Dilip’s excellent piloting skills.

Tenent is doing a lot with high-end open hardware. We saw a bunch of demos using different single board Linux computers like the Raspberry Pi.

We thank Tenet Technetronics for welcoming us!

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3 Responses to “Global Geek Tour India: Tenet Technetronics tour”

  1. Arup Basak says:

    The above image is of a Beagleboard XM playing live TV over ethernet.

    • Arup Basak says:

      Thanks Tenet-Technetronics for the lunch when all of us was very hungry. :)
      The bus driver(Nasir) and guide(Salim) were the two unfortunate who didn’t had lunch that day. :(

  2. Umair Mukati says:

    Hmm… India is progressing much in tech and these type of companies can let any country to uprise their names. :)

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