App Note: Using FT2232H in FT245 synchronus FIFO mode

Ftdi’s FT2232H chip is a very useful device, it has two USB channels supporting the High speed USB standard. When the highest bandwidth is needed, the FT245 synchronous FIFO mode provides the best performance delivering up to 40MB/s transfer rates. This app note by FTDI provides all the necessary information to get this mode started. […]

FTDI FT232 USB to serial converter chips for $2.50

While browsing suppliers for FTDI chips at cheap singles prices, this offer caught our eye. Dontronics is selling FTDI FT232RQ for just AUD$2.45, which is near $2.50 USD. In many projects a USB to TTL converter chip is needed, and FTDI chips are the most common solution around. Both Digikey and Mouser sell the FT232R […]

Serial port only Bus Pirate v3b update

schazamp has another update on the serial port only Bus Pirate. I have released BusPirate-v3b-FTDI-0.3, which has: * room for a shrouded I/O header * Sparkfun’s locking header rows * more clearance around voltage regulators, for easier assembly * improved label size and positioning You can find the zip distribution here Or check here for […]

Vinculo Arduino clone with USB slave

ZF did a review of the FTDI Vinculum board we covered earlier: I just got hold of  FTDI chip’s new Vinculo developing platform, so here’s a quick review for you! Vinculo is a 25€ development platform for the FTDI Vinculum II (VNC2) dual USB host/slave microcontroller. The board design has been copied from Arduino, and […]

USB to serial adapter in DB9 footprint

There aren’t many simple ways to add a USB interface to a project using only through-hole parts. This USB-serial adapter from FTDI has the same shape and pinout as a through-hole serial connector. It’s a little pricey (~$22), a USB->serial cable is usually cheaper, but it’s a nice option for a professional-looking USB device without […]

Pirate Rename – Get a nicely named serial device

Tired of the /dev/tty.usbserial-XXXXXXXX address of the Bus Pirate? Piotr developed a utility to edit the EEROM in the FTDI chip on the Bus Pirate, this gives your Bus Pirate a consistent name on MacOSX. Grab the utility here, and follow this how-to submitted by Piotr. Thanks for the tip! If you have a few […]