FTDI FT232 USB to serial converter chips for $2.50

While browsing suppliers for FTDI chips at cheap singles prices, this offer caught our eye. Dontronics is selling FTDI FT232RQ for just AUD$2.45, which is near $2.50 USD. In many projects a USB to TTL converter chip is needed, and FTDI chips are the most common solution around. Both Digikey and Mouser sell the FT232R […]

Serial port only Bus Pirate v3b update

schazamp has another update on the serial port only Bus Pirate. I have released BusPirate-v3b-FTDI-0.3, which has: * room for a shrouded I/O header * Sparkfun’s locking header rows * more clearance around voltage regulators, for easier assembly * improved label size and positioning You can find the zip distribution here Or check here for […]

Vinculo Arduino clone with USB slave

ZF did a review of the FTDI Vinculum board we covered earlier: I just got hold of  FTDI chip’s new Vinculo developing platform, so here’s a quick review for you! Vinculo is a 25€ development platform for the FTDI Vinculum II (VNC2) dual USB host/slave microcontroller. The board design has been copied from Arduino, and […]

USB to serial adapter in DB9 footprint

There aren’t many simple ways to add a USB interface to a project using only through-hole parts. This USB-serial adapter from FTDI has the same shape and pinout as a through-hole serial connector. It’s a little pricey (~$22), a USB->serial cable is usually cheaper, but it’s a nice option for a professional-looking USB device without […]

Pirate Rename – Get a nicely named serial device

Tired of the /dev/tty.usbserial-XXXXXXXX address of the Bus Pirate? Piotr developed a utility to edit the EEROM in the FTDI chip on the Bus Pirate, this gives your Bus Pirate a consistent name on MacOSX. Grab the utility here, and follow this how-to submitted by Piotr. Thanks for the tip! If you have a few […]