App Note: Using FT2232H in FT245 synchronus FIFO mode

Posted on Saturday, October 29th, 2011 in app notes by DP

Ftdi’s FT2232H chip is a very useful device, it has two USB channels supporting the High speed USB standard. When the highest bandwidth is needed, the FT245 synchronous FIFO mode provides the best performance delivering up to 40MB/s transfer rates.

This app note by FTDI provides all the necessary information to get this mode started. Connection pinouts, timing diagrams, EEPROM setup, as well as software code examples are provided in this article.

Our FT2232 breakout board is in stock at seeed and available for $27

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6 Responses to “App Note: Using FT2232H in FT245 synchronus FIFO mode”

  1. arhi says:

    There’s some year old working code on the forum
    that was a test to what could be done with 2232H. It shows that with addition of some large cpld or small fpga to buffer data and handle triggering a very simple fairly high frequency no length limit LA could be designed :D

  2. Peter says:

    Just wondering if anyone has an executable in windows set up to write data from the FT2232 to a text/binary file. As a hardware guy, I’d like to be able to write data to the IC and verify it was getting though without writing software.


  3. Peter says:

    My apologies, I should have been a little more specific. I am interested in using the 245 Synch FIFO mode because of the high data rates, which requires the D2XX driver, not the VCP driver. Unless I’m wrong, that means it doesn’t show up as a regular COM port on my windows machine.

    It seems like the FT2232 in 245 Synch FIFO setting is popular enough that someone has already written a basic data logger/serial port terminal program. Or can teraterm be configured to talk to the D2XX driver as is?

    • langwadt says:

      You were perfectly specific I just spoke too soon, I seemed to remember that accessing in fifo mode was just like a serial port, may not be so and even if it is you still need to enable fifo mode.
      I think I have a FT4232 somewhere, I’ll see if I can find it and hack something together

      • Peter says:

        That would be great. I’d rather not reinvent the wheel :) and having something that can log data off the sync FIFO mode should be general purpose enough that a number of people in this community would find value in it.

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