DIY ECG with 1 op-amp

A DIY ECG made from single op-amp (LM741) and 5 resistors by Scott Harden: I made surprisingly good ECG from a single op-amp and 5 resistors! An ECG (electrocardiograph, sometimes called EKG) is a graph of the electrical potential your heart produces as it beats. Seven years ago I posted DIY ECG Machine on the […]

Simple DIY ECG + pulse oximeter (V2)

Scott Harden has designed an ECG/pulse oximeter combo project using LM324 op-amps. Scott describes, “This new project is fully documented and uses extremely common and cheap parts, all of which could be purchased at RadioShack. It serves as both an ECG *and* a pulse oximeter, depending on which leads are attached. It uses a single […]

Arduino mindreading library

Chris from LVL1 Louisville’s Hackerspace has been working on hacking brainwave sensors using the Arduino. Both the Force Trainer and Mattel MindFlex use a daughterboard from NeuroSky that outputs serial data for values of ‘Wireless link’, ‘Attention’ and Meditation. Both of these devices have the same NeuroSky board, so the *easy* hacking instructions work for […]

Do it yourself heart monitor

victzh posted picture of his DIY ECG using an Xprotolab mini-scope/logic analyzer in the project log forum. Some time ago I bought an excellent toy – Xprotolab mini-scope/logic analyzer by Gabriel Anzziani. I touched it signal legs, and immediately saw that it picks up 60Hz through my body. I looked around and found couple of simple and inexpensive ECG […]