Arduino mindreading library

Chris from LVL1 Louisville’s Hackerspace has been working on hacking brainwave sensors using the Arduino. Both the Force Trainer and Mattel MindFlex use a daughterboard from NeuroSky that outputs serial data for values of ‘Wireless link’, ‘Attention’ and Meditation. Both of these devices have the same NeuroSky board, so the *easy* hacking instructions work for […]

Necomimi: brainwave controlled fuzzy cat ears

We couldn’t make something like this up… This headwear has EEG sensors built into the headband, and the device is programmed to move the ears in various ways corresponding to brainwave activity. For example, the ears stand up when you concentrate. They were developed by neurowear in Japan, which states: “Neurowear” is the name of […]