DE0-NANO FPGA development kit review

octal tipped us to a cheap Altera DE0-NANO FPGA Development Kit:

…Now most of you will be swayed by cost so lets get that out the way – The DE0-Nano is $79USD and though education routes is only $59USD which I think is really good. Its a little more than the Papilio and XuLA boards but in my view it has more features to offer. So what do you get for it, lets get to the review!

Via the forum.

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    1. There is a free Linux IDE from Altera. I’m running a copy of it right now. It’s actually easier to get your hands on than the equivalent free Xilinx IDE too, regardless of platform.

      1. Thanks for the hint. Last time I look it was not free – since Quartus II Web Edition v9.1 there is also a free linux version

  1. Yes, Quartus II is running on Linux.

    I have the DE1 from Terasic for 2 years, and I must say that it is a very good quality board and very well documented.

    I was thinking of getting this tiny DE0 Nano board to play with.

    One remark: I would love to have one of the to 2 40-pin edge connectors replaced by an LPC FMC expansion header to interface with high speed ADCs using LVDS.

  2. Great price for this nice little board. Heck the Cyclone-IV E used on this board costs around $66 in small quantity all by itself. But you still have to do battle with Quartus to actually use this thing :-( The headers seem to 0.1″ spacing :-)

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