Bus Pirate: Custom UART baud rates

Emil of Unwind.se wrote an article on how to use custom UART baudrates on a Bus Pirate: I made Bus Pirate-baud rate to help when setting custom UART baud rates on the #buspirate. Easier than binary downloads. Via Twitter. Get an assembled Bus Pirate for $30, including world-wide shipping. Also available from our friendly distributors.  

SparkysWidgets: Hakko demo and giveaway

@SparkysWidgets tweted, “Latest video is up where I giveaway @HakkoUSA FX-888D @sparkfun swag and a @dangerousproto Bus Pirate” This is just a short demonstration video where I set the parameters on a FX-888D and then solder some SMD parts and show how one can create other types of soldering jobs! This is also the video […]

60+ FPS with OLED and Bus Pirate

An update on previous 1.3”OLED with SSD1306 controlled by Bus Pirate post, Markus writes: By changing the default serial connection speed between the PC and the Bus Pirate from 115200 to 1000000 baud, the frame rate is now increased to 60+ FPS :) Get your own handy Bus Pirate for $30, including world-wide shipping. Also available […]

Lsquaredc, a library for I2C communications for Linux devices

A library for I2C communications for Linux devices – the Lsquaredc by Jan Rychter, that is available at Github: Lsquaredc is a tiny Linux library that allows you to access I2C (IIC, I²C, or I squared C) from userspace without causing excessive pain and suffering. The library uses the Bus Pirate convention for specifying I2C sequences, supports repeated […]

Arduino command-line tool “MiniPirate”

Olivier writes: This command-line enables “Quick” Arduino prototyping without compilation. Reading analog values, dis-/enabling ports and even I2C register manipulations are done in seconds instead of minutes. I will shows you how to set the time of a “DS1207” I2C realtime clock as well as executing some basic operations. The impatients of you just download the […]

Bus Pirate probe cable prototypes and giveaway

Prototype Bus Pirate probe cables with heat shrink labels arrived today. We sent professionally printed heat shrink tubes to the cable people (white) and they attached them to 100 cables. We printed our own shrink labels on the L-Mark LK320P and attached them to 100 cables in-house (yellow). Results and cable giveaway below!

WiiBP, a simple Bus Pirate software controller for Wii Nunchuk

@TwitK82 tweeted:  ” I just released a new project on BP4.  A software to control a Wii Nunchuk.” Today we are going to showing our first project with Bus Pirate. That’s WiiBP, a simple BP software controller for Wii Nunchuk. This is the first version, even now in development, but with two cute features: – check the […]

Breadboard version Bus Pirate and ST7920

BrianGriffin posted his Breadboard version Bus Pirate and ST7920 in the project log forum: Over this weekend I cobbled up a breadboard version of Bus Pirate with the extra stuff I have from the drawer (the main chip PIC24FJ64GA002 is there too), dumped the bootloader and dumped the rest of the firmware with a dirt […]