GrrCON 2014: Home grown Linux

In this presentation from GrrCON 2014, author Dr. Phil Polstra discusses how to develop your own Linux distro. Phil has assembled his distro known as The Deck which is useful on the Beagleboard and Beaglebone Black boards.

The Deck is a full featured penetration testing and forensics Linux distribution that runs on the BeagleBoard-xM, BeagleBone, and BeagleBone Black. It may be used as a pentesting laptop replacement, drop box, or drone. Several addon modules are available that allow for coordinated attacks from up to a mile away using multiple devices connected via 802.15.4 networking (MeshDeck), forensic investigation of USB devices (4Deck), and airborne delivery of pentesting drones and/or aerial drone capabilities (AirDeck).
The Deck is based on Ubuntu and features hundreds of pentesting tools such as Metasploit and aircrack-ng that have been ported to this platform. The low power consumption of the Beagles (approximately 1W) allows devices running The Deck to be battery powered. Devices are easily planted due to their small size

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