Hacking RGB Christmas lights

Deep Darc has successfully reverse engineered the operation of a 50-light set of GE multicolor Christmas lights. His work involved snooping the protocol used on the LEDs data bus line and exploration of the remote control unit, resulting in source code allowing control of the display of colors and patterns by an Attiny13A. Via Wonderhowto.

Ubertooth Zero Bluetooth sniffer

Ubertooth Zero is a Bluetooth sniffer based on an LPC1758 ARM processor and a CC2400 2.4GHz transceiver (now obsolete). Grab Bluetooth packets out of the air for analysis and hacking fun. Tonight I uploaded the first release of Project Ubertooth, an open source wireless development platform that can be used for Bluetooth testing and research. […]

Hack the IM-ME and extract the sprites

Joby used the Bus Pirate SPI sniffer to extra zombie graphics from an IM-ME. Yesterday, Travis Goodspeed wrote a good post about bitmapped sprites on the IM-me. As a teaser of his upcoming ZombieGotcha game, he released a binary for a demo and challenged people to extract the images and recreate the startup animation. And […]

Hack the MD80 firmware to remove the date display

Villamany got a cheap MD80 video camera from eBay. It has a really annoying feature, it prints the date on the video with no apparent way to disable it. Armed with a Bus Pirate, he dumped the firmware, removed the date, and reprogrammed the camera. Original in Spanish (machine translation). What are you hacking with […]

Papilio barcode genie, a barcode scanning kit

The Gadget Factory, co-designer of the Open Logic Sniffer, has a new portable barcode scanning kit based on the Papilio FPGA platform. It is called the Papilio Barcode Genie kit or Barcode Genie for short. It is a kit for the Papilio One that makes it easy to capture barcodes and save them to a […]