Breakout board uses HB100 doppler motion sensor

limpkin has been working on a dev board for the HB100 microwave sensor. He developed a breakout board that allows the module to operate as a motion sensor. “I’m sure you’re quite familiar with the Doppler effect: you send an RF signal at a given frequency to a target, and if this object/person is moving […]

Simple Arduino motion sensor – SMS messaging project

Here’s an easy open source motion sensing project by Matt Williamson which sends you an SMS message when motion is detected. The hardware consists of an Arduino and Parallax PIR sensor (Part No. 555-28027). This arrangement communicates via serial with a Python server on an attached computer, which then uses the TelAPI service to accomplish […]

Zilog Zmotion sensor

Zilog has introduced the Zmotion intrusion detection solution. The Zmotion Z8FS021A consists of a PIR and a high-performance microcontroller with integrated motion-detection algorithms. According to the product specification, the device includes a high-performance eZ8 MCU core, 2 KB in-circuit programmable Flash available for application code, single-pin debug with unlimited breakpoints, internal precision oscillator running at […]

Arduino motion detection camera

Inspired by the intervalometer project at the Honey Jar, Dan Bridges produced a motion activation control to use with his Canon SLR camera. It uses an Arduino, a PIR sensor and two 4N35 optocouplers and this source code. He next plans to add a potentiometer and LCD screen to allow for custom time intervals on […]