Another chipKIt Motor shield, chipKIT WF 32, chipKIT DP 32, and chipKit Cmod winners

Posted on Friday, November 15th, 2013 in contest by DP


Today we announce the winners of the chipKIt Motor shield, chipKIT WF 32, chipKIT DP 32, and chipKit Cmod!  There were lots of great ideas, thanks for your submissions.

Congratulations to Andrew Rohne,  his idea for a mobile ham radio logging system scored him a chipKIT WF 32:

Since the WF32 has a built-in USB host, if I won, I’d build a mobile ham radio logging system to it. The WF32 would connect to the radio (via a serial connection) to my radio to get the frequency and mode. The USB host would connect to my phone or tablet (both Android devices) to tell it to listen to me telling it the callsign worked and signal report. The phone would store the recordings, date/time (in UTC, of course), and the frequency and mode from the radio.  It all sounds a bit crazy, but I’m doing this with an Arduino now – doing this with a ChipKit gives me exposure to another platform and everything will be up on Github so others can use it.

Another winner is The_YongGrand, and his idea for a little box for controlling Christmas lights (with the suitable relay)and as an MP3 player  scored him a chipKIT DP 32:

Christmas is coming – use the DP32 as a little box for controlling Christmas lights (with the suitable relay) and as an MP3 player playing good old Christmas songs. Combine it with the Microchip’s neat MDDFS library for handling SD-Cards and an all purpose MP3/MIDI/FLAC decoder board, it’ll be great. Place these in a box under the Christmas tree with a small speaker, and there you go, a nice Christmas tree with the music. Of course, include a small pair of good speakers. :)

Cam Flyer won a chipKIt Motor shield for his idea:

Often we use a camera mounted on the wing of the plane and have some means of recording the exit footage. So far no one has an ideal way to do this. Running wires is out (dangerous and illegal!) and gaffa taping an expensive camera on a wing at 120 knots is actually pretty dumb too. Now we are using small cheap lipstick cameras with a wifi module and with a receiver in the plane but when the receiver is also expensive and prone to getting sat on, kicked, blown out the door it is not the best setup either…The chipKIT WF 32 would be perfect for a portable recording station to gather the exit carnage. We tried the R Pi but the current consumption meant that often the batteries were drained before exit and many a camera geek was a lost. We cannot use the planes power again for safety reasons.

And Marcus06 won a chipKit Cmod for his idea:

I’m studying bioengineering here in France and as a end-of-the-year projet, we would like to monitor environmental conditions such as temperature, Ph, humidity, and moisture, wind and solar exposition in order to evaluate the best growing condition. It would store these datas and even transmit the information through wifi. We would consider it as a 10-in-1 tool !!!

Thank you to Microchip and Digilent for another free swag.

Thank you for participating, there were a bunch of great ideas. As always feel free to share your projects in the forum.

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2 Responses to “Another chipKIt Motor shield, chipKIT WF 32, chipKIT DP 32, and chipKit Cmod winners”

  1. Tom Price says:

    Sound like great projects. Congrats to the winners!

  2. Cam Flyer says:

    Wow, I’ve never won anything before, except a scam holiday at a time share resort. Thanks guys. Not sure if the motor control board is going to help or be of use without a CPU board, but I will ask around the DZ and locals to see if it can be of value. If not maybe I could roll it back into the community somehow…?

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