GIVEAWAY: The Whistled, a sound controlled relay


Mathieu Stephan over at Limpkin wants to giveaway three whistled platforms (assembled PCB).  The whistled allows you to control one device by simply whistling two musical notes.

He’ll give these away to 3 random commenters, just leave a comment on this post.

For more information visit the project’s site -Limpkin.   It’s also up on Tindie.

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  1. Hi to the DangerousPrototypes team,

    That’s would be the perfect tool for driving the lights of my “always-forgetting-to-switch-off-the-light-in-theirs-rooms” children… That’s is funny , I’m sure they will love it …

    Great work !!!

    Thank you very much

    Good Luck to everybody

  2. I would love to play with one of these. FFT on a Cortex M4 – Awesome!
    I would hack it to use rgb strips. :) Controlling a additional board trough i2c or uart would bei fun to.

  3. Cool! I’m thinking a failsafe for backing up important data files (I.E. bitcoin) if something happened… police preak down door and have you in cuffs for some reason or another… you wistle… all incriminating documents / money get backed up remotely and then deleted >:)

  4. Adding a bluetooth module makes sure to everyone thinking you are stupid when you try to whistle-skip the track you are listening.:D
    Challange accepted.

  5. I’ve done some tone recognition stuff in the past – not as easy as it sounds. Good job, and cool product!

  6. Hi,
    That’s christmas before christmas …
    Let’s cross fingers
    See you & thank you for the challenge

  7. I may have to learn to whistle a second note – though i wonder how I can incorporate my dog (the usual reason to whistle) with this device – maybe an automated ball chucker.

  8. Cool! I wonder how much power is consumed to scan for whistles? Could it be reduced by some sort of threshhold volume or other method to sleep most of the time and then wake to determine if full FFT is needed?

  9. I like Coyt’ comment above of using a system like this as a failsafe to prevent sensitive data from being stolen, but unless it involved remote activation of degaussers or to poweroff systems that require passwords, don’t really see any benefit over a program that runs resident on a PC. I wonder how handy it come be for security applications in case of emergencies. I also wonder what happens if a bird decides to land near a window or if a somebody whistles on tv/radio/video/teapot and if there would be a way to filter out human versus speaker /bird whistles.

  10. I can whistle and control the light in my room that’s better than my existing IR remote control system. Hope I get one.

  11. One of those would be awesome. I’d love it for opening/closing the garage door from the outside…

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