NEXT WEEK: New York Global Geek Tour 2012

Next week we are heading for the World Maker Faire 2012 held in New York. We’ll also be attending the Open Hardware Summit 2012 during the same week to give a presentation on USB and open hardware.

As always we try to plan some trip to local electronics shop, and eat some great stuff along the way. We’ll be hitting the East Village for an evening food crawl, and visiting some electronics shops in Manhattan and Brooklyn. If you’re in New York for the festivities and would like to join, please hit us up over the contact form for more details.


Here’s some electronics shops and hackerspaces to visit the day between the Open Hardware Summit and the Maker Faire. This is by no means south east Asia, but it’s good for an afternoon out.

  • Hack Manhattan hackerspace – A good meeting point
  • Radio Shack @ 781 Broadway near NYU – Supposed to have the best selection of parts and Arduinos
  • 269 Electronics – Soldering supplies and kits, tools, some parts, HAM Radio stuff. No surface mount parts
  • Argo Electronics – Used gear, surplus parts, connectors, mostly junk
  • Leeds Radio in Brooklyn – Tubes, connectors, enclosures, switches. Stop at Brooklyn Brewery on the way (see food map layer)

These are all saved to a Google Maps layer so you can take them with you on your own tour.

We usually end at the Maker Faire setup party in Brooklyn. You generally need to be a registered maker to get in, but sometimes there’s extra passes or a lenient gate operator.

Food Crawl

Thus far we’ve failed to discover a New York City equivalent of the Mission District. In 2011 we failed to crawl, but in 2012 we’re trying a several different stand-and-eat joints in the East Village. We’ll post more information about the East Village food crawl later today.

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